FILCLUB – The Filipino Community in Dubai and the Northern Emirates

Brief History

The FILCLUB – Filipino Community of Dubai and the Northern Emirates, is under the auspices of the Philippine Consulate General of Dubai (PCG). FILCLUB IS the umbrella organization of over 90 UAE based Filipino organizations and individuals, established after the dissolution of FILCOM in the early 2016.On February 2016, FILCLUB was created under the leadership of Dr. Marilyn “WAFA” Qasimieh, PhD. as Chairman and Engr. Maria Fe “TATA” Dayot as Vice Chairman.

Mandate and Functions:

The Philippine Consulate General of Dubai (PCG) currently headed by Consul General Paul Raymund P. Cortes oversees the general day to day activities and together with the FILCLUB Community leaders Engr. Tata Dayot as the Overall Chairman and Ericson Reyes as the Vice Chairman for the year 2017.

Currently the Group handles two major events which are the commemoration of the Philippine Independence Day which is usually held on the first half of the year and the Bayanihan Festival which is the annual year end event to celebrate, The FILCLUB also is active in other socio-cultural activities and Various Charity and Community services as well not only in the UAE but in the Philippines as well.

To reach out, connect and unite with the Filipino Overseas Workers in the UAE. To provide effective means to serve and protect our Kababayans and be a role model to the present and future generations.

To inspire and encourage others to volunteer. To be able to preserve and share our customs and traditions. To be able to create awareness across the Globe of what the Filipinos can contribute.

Positivity, Integrity, Compassion and Service to others